Many new hams ask what a good cheap radio is to start with after getting their license. People often recommend Handheld radios to start with. That is the worst thing to start with. HT’s aka handheld radios don’t cut it they don’t have the power output. usually no more than 5 watts and have barely anything for an antenna.

A mobile rig us usually a far better choice but the cost usually pushes people back to the HT option. Also, mobile rigs are usually not a complete all in one solution. Added complexity. However, the added cost and complexity is worth it. Often new hams are easily frustrated when they get on the air the first time. and couple that with a weak signal and poor reception and they are left feeling like they wasted their time.

So, what I recommend it the RT98 Mini Mobile Radio kit from Retevis. It is a complete kit for installing in a car or at your desk. Yes, Retevis calls it the farm tractor bundle. they should make another bundle called the NOOB Ham radio bundle. The only thing missing is a power supply if you are installing it at your desk. but you can easily improvise that. Or buy the Alinco DM-330mv

THIS ARTICLE IS IMCOMPLETE. however, i published it as many times i don’t get back to them to for some time.

Retevis RT98 Mini Mobile Radio FARM TRACTOR BUNDLE |

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