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  • Audio Jacks and TRRS TS TRS Everything you ever needed to know about headphone jacks. Useful when doing things with IRLP, Echolink, Packet.
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    Tips for setting up an HF station

    In progress


    1. Power supply
    2. Transceiver
    3. Antenna
    4. Cable/coax

    Number one rule is keep it simple at first. It is really easy to get really involved to a crazy level of detail which may easily overwhelm you initially.

    Being cheap isn’t wrong. And is a good idea if you are not sure the hobby is for your. However make sure you research what you buying if it’s cheap. Expensive is just as risky.

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    HF Tips for New Hams

    This article assumes you are already licensed have a rig, antenna and power supply.

    1. Keep it simple
    2. Use a Di-Pole antenna like a G5RV (you can get it here) Avoid wip or mobile antenna’s for now. The reason for the dipole is it is easy to setup and very forgiving. Even if not properly setup you still should be able to make contacts.
    3. Open your squelch completely. You should hear static all the time.
    4. Turn your RF Gain all the way up (later on you will learn when you need to adjust the RF gain and the squelch)
    5. Do not try to operate HF in a mobile. Yes it works but until you know what to expect if just complicates things.
    6. Do some listening for a bit at first. get used to how things sound.
    7. Look up your local ham radio club. see when they are meeting and pay them a visit. Most are very friendly and will be willing to help you get started. But you probably already know this as I’m assuming your have your license and call sign already. Meaning you must have taken you ham test at probably a local club.
    8. Visit the website for a wealth of information about getting started and many advanced topics.
    9. 20 and 40 meters are probably the best bands to start with.
    10. Don’t let grumpy people scare you away. But do be polite to them as once you get past the grump they do have a lot to share.



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    APRS iGateMini

    If you are looking for a really quick and easy way to add APRS coverage to your local area the iGateMini is by far the simplest and cheapest solution for the task. I have been running mine now for about 2 years with no issues.